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Shenzhen Good Lighting Co., Ltd.

Rechargeable LED flood lights, portable LED work lights, rechargeable smart tubes

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  • Phone: +86-755 85242901
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    No.120 Ditang Road, Shasan Industrial Park, Shajing Town, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Good Lighting Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized manufacturer of portable LED work lights. Through dedication to the extremely focused product portfolio, Good Lighting has built itself an enviable reputation of providing reliable and cost-effective OEM/ODM solutions. Good Lighting continues to grow and exceed expectations in offering exceptional products defined by a dynamic blend of technical perfection, exquisite design, manufacturing excellence, and above all uncompromising reliability.

The company's flagship product, rechargeable LED flood lights, brings to the market an inspiring illustration of the tremendous advantage of leveraging the interrelative power of economies of scale and relentless dedication to focused innovation. The long-run specialization in a single product family cultivates unrivalled efficiency and expertise, reflected in the company's experienced workforce, optimized work flow, industry-leading production capacity and a high level of consistency in quality control. Engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of performance, Good Lighting's portable flood lights are the real time answer to the contradiction between quality and price. With Good Lighting, you simply get more return per dollar.

Operating out of a 10,000 square meter manufacturing facility, Good Lighting offers an integrated manufacturing solution that creates value for its customers throughout the ntire process, from design to delivery. Every critical components, are either manufactured in Good Lighting's ISO 9001 certified facility by its in-house team. Creative industrial design, excellent metal fabrication capabilities, superior system integration through innovative mechanical, electrical, optical engineering and thermal modeling, are strengths which give Good Lighting and its customers a competitive advantage.

Good Lighting is a quality driven manufacturer with the highest attention to the internal QC procedure as well as third party certification & qualification programs. Not only does Good Lighting invested in fully equipped testing facility to do photometric measurement, burn-in testing, ingress protection (IP) testing, thermal simulation, etc., but proudly carries authoritative certifications including UL, TUV-CE, CE, RoHS, PSE, and REACH .

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